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DIAGRAM SMALL 6WATT POWER AMPLIFIERThe TA7222 is a power amplifier for consumer application.

It is designed for high power, low distortion and low noise.

It also contains various kind of protectors.

It is suitable for car – audio power amplifier with high performance.

Operating Supply Voltage Range Vcc = 9~18volt

High power is 6Watt




R1=27 kO










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PT2350 is a tone control subwoofer cross-over low pass filter chip utilizing CMOS Technology. It features a tone control range of + 10dB (50Hz, 4 KHz) and subwoofer low pass filter of the second order Sallen Key Design. The roll-off point can be adjusted by changing the value of the external capacitor. Pin assignments and application circuits are optimized for easy PCB Layout and cost saving advantages.

CMOS Technology

2-Channel Input

3-Channel Output (Including 1 stereo Output and Subwoofer Output)

Low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD<0.01%, Subwoofer THD<0.2%)

High S/N Ratio (S/N Ratio <-87dB, A-weighting)

Least External Components

Adjustment of Frequency response by changing the value of the external component

Single Power Supply: 3 to 8.5 Volts

Available in 20 pins, DIP or SO Package



2------ R1,R2--------------  --------- 10k / 1% / metal film


2------ C9,C10-------------    -------- 4.7nF / 63V / polyester / raster R. 5mm

3------ C1,C7,C8--------   ----------- 47nF / 63V / polyester / raster R. 5mm

1------ C16----------------   --------- 100nF / 63V / polyester / raster R. 5mm

1------ C13-----------------   -------- 220nF / 63V / polyester / raster R. 5mm

2------ C3,C4-------------    --------- 2.2uF / 50V / polyester / raster R. 5mm

5------ C5,C6,C11,C14,C15--- 3.3uF / 100V / electrolytic / vertical / raster R. 5mm

1------ C12-------------------------- 10uF / 35V / 105°C / electrolytic / vertical / raster R. 5mm

1------ C17----------------- --------- 100uF / 16V / 105°C / electrolytic / vertical / raster R. 5mm

1------ C2---------------------------- 470uF / 35V / electrolytic / vertical / raster R. 5mm

Integrated Circuits

1------ U1---------------------------- 78L08 / +8V voltage regulator / TO-92

1-------U2---------------------------- PT2350 / stereo tone control, subwoofer low pass filter IC / DIP20


1------ D1---------------------------- 1N4153


1------ J1----------------------------- 2 pole wire connector (terminal block) to pcb / raster r. 5 mm / hight 9.7 mm

1------ P1----------------- ----------- 10k log stereo potentiometer / 6 mm saft

2------ P2,P3------------------------ 100k lin stereo potentiometer / 6 mm saft

5------ J2 to J5---------------------- RCA female to PCB, straight, Hosiden any colour

NOTICE ABOUT J2 to J18 !!! if you make one stereo input device you need 5 pcs of RCA female as listed in parts list

If you make 2 x 6 input device, you need total quantity of 15 pcs RCA female and also 2 x 6 changeover switch.

Code of J2 to J18 RCA female to PCB, straight, Hosiden, any colour

SW1 2 x 6 changeover High quality DIP rotary switch to PCB 2 x 6, Alcos witch DRS 2-6, 3.2mm saft

Frequency response of tone control unit is flat between 20 Hz … 20 kHz when treble and bass pots are in middle.

Overall gain is approx. 6 dB when treble and bass pots are in middle.

Treble and bass tone control range is approx. 10 dB (50Hz / 4 kHz) with given component values.

Subwoofer cut off frequency can be adjusted by bass potentiometer… with component values as listed above it is as follows : bass pot in minimum (left) -3dB point, 240 Hz / -12dB 450 Hz, bass pot (middle) -3dB point 100 Hz /-12dB 200 Hz, bass pot maximum (right) -3dB point 60 Hz / -12dB 120 Hz.

Distortion was < 0.1 % when input level was < 0.3V rms.

There is no balance adjustment potentiometer in this application, if you need balance, you must add it separately in this device.
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Actrk 600W schematic

Actrk 600W schematicTwo versions of a robust module capable of delivering high powwer for extended periods. The Actrk400 uses 6 n-channel Mosfets in the output stage to deliver around 400 watts into 4 ohms while the Actrk600 uses 12 n-channel Mosfets in the output stage to deliver power in excess of 600 watts into 4 ohms. One constructor has achieved almost 900 watts with the Actrk600 layout using 12 IRFP460 Mosfets.
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2x15w stereo power amplifier circuits based TDA1521

2x15w stereo power amplifier circuits based TDA1521
With remarkable features make it the true Hi-Fi amplifier.

Using only active component (the right and left channel) Philips TDA1521 monolithic integrated circuit, which contains a double line-end audio amplifier completely independent, each capable of providing from 10 to 12 W to the load 8 ohm or 15 W into 4 ohms (30 W music). Voltage gains of the amplifier is fixed at 30 dB.

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Output Power : 200Watts
Load Resistance : 8ohms
Input impedance : 55K
Maximum supply voltage : (+95v)-0-(-95v)
Recommended supply voltage : (+66v)-0-(-66v)

This complete high quality, low noise mono audio power amplifier is based around the Hybrid Integrated Circuit STK4050 manufactured by Sanyo. The circuit incorporates volume and has a maximum music output power of 200W. The circuit incorporates an on board power supply; therefore, only centre tapped transformer is required to power the circuit. I t has very good quality sound. U can use it with your Home Theatre your PC & etc... You can also use it as Subwoofer Amplifier. It is a compact package for THIN-TYPE Audio sets. Easy Heat sink design to disperse heat generated in THIN-TYPE audio sets. Constant-Current circuit to Reduce supply switch-ON and switch-OFF shock noise. External supply switch-On and switch-OFF shock noise muting, Load short-circuit protection, thermal shutdown and other circuits can be tailored-designed.
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