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HTC ThunderBolt Verizon User Manual, Settings and Resetting Phone

There are two pdf manual for the HTC ThunderBolt Verizon 4G lte certified ie User Manual and Qucik Strart Guide. All that manual have same information, but for User manual more complete. Ok, we discuss about the HTC ThunderBolt user manual. In the user manual have information such as phone overview, tutorial how to inserting and removing the SIM card, the battery, and the storage card, setting up phone for the first time, connecting phone with computer, searching phone and the web, unlocking the screen, personalizing for example using a preset scene, changing wallpaper, rerranging the home screen, etc.

then about HTC caller ID, setting up visual voice mail, setting up contact card, tutorial how to importing contacts from your SIM card, using the onscreen keyboard, setting messages, tutorial installing HTC sync, setting the music sync options, facebook for HTC sense, using twitter, chatting in Google talk, using Gmail, using web browser, wi-fi settings, using phone as a modem and a mobile hotspot, using bluetooth and settings, using camera and settings, recording video, listening music and FM radio, using Google maps and HTC footprints, protecting SIM card with a PIN and a screen lock, phone settings, back up, update the phone sofware, resetting phone, and many more. 

The HTC ThunderBolt Verizon User Manual here


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