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2009 Chery A3 The Best Hatchback Owners Manual

2009 Chery A3 The Best Hatchback Owners Manual For a basic understanding from Chery A3 is a compact automobile built by the Chinese manufacturer Chery Automobile, offered as a 4-door sedan and as a 5-door hatchback. It was revealed for the first time as a concept car at the 2006 Beijing Motor Show and went on sale in September 2008.The car was designed by the Italian studio Pininfarina. In some states Chery marketed with different names, for example in Ukraine and Russia was given named Chery M 11 / M 12, in Serbia with the Chery name Tengo, then in Turkey was given named Chery Niche, in Brazil named Chery Cielo, and the last in Chile was given name Chery Skin / Skin Sport.

2009 Chery A3 is equipped with a machine ACTECO second generation series, Model SQRE4G16, with maximum power is 93 kilowatts, while 3900rpm can achieve a maximum torque of 160 Nm. As a car combining features of high-security, advanced-equipment and high-economy, Chery A3 in 2009 is gradually arousing enthusiasm from the markets. With the dynamic, safe and comfortable feeling that conveyed to customers, and the unique advantages of high-value, fuel-saving and space-saving, A3 has always been the top of focus on all Chinese professional auto websites. 2009 Chery A3 holds a high competing advantage. In addition to the wonderful shape designed by the famous international company Pininfarina, and a breakthrough in car width of near 1.8m, Chery A3 is obviously keeping up with competitors of a higher level.

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