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2012 Cadillac CTS Coupe Owners Manual

2012 Cadillac CTS Coupe Owners Manual 2012 Cadillac CTS-year-V Coupe to give a mixture of g-force-tempt joy and pure performance. Each way and anywhere you see it, is nothing short of a wolf furry wolf.

2012 Cadillac CTS-year-V Coupe greet you with an ideal balance of elegance and pure raw joy. Driver-centric cockpit features ergonomic design that fuses the car and driver.
2012 Cadillac CTS-year-V Coupe is a packet-complete, high performance sports coupe amazing with a clear style and exceptional ability on the road. With a performance envelope V, you want fast in your seat. RECARO ® seats available performance features supported 8-way adjustable lumbar support and adjustable 6-way seat.

2012 Cadillac CTS Coupe Key Features :
  • 556 HP supercharged V8 engine
  • Dual-mode Magnetic Ride Control
  • High-performance Brembo® brakes
  • Available RECARO® performance seating
The 2012 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe navigation system features:
  • A screen 8 "diagonal is drawn to the dashboard, but leave an inch above shows a touch screen display for audio system
  • A 40 GB hard drive with 10 GB which can store about 2,000 songs
  • Pause-and-play radio much like a DVR built-in to your car stereo lets you pause live radio (including XM Radio4), record up to 20 minutes of audio and then play them back at a later time. This capability remains even when the vehicle is turned off. For example, you can listen to games on XM Radio, 4 pause live television and then turn off the car to refuel. When you get back, to continue from where you left off
  • Available Download objectives that help you get directions from advisers OnStar5 can send to the destination nav system
  • OnStar5 eNav available that allow you to send Google Maps ™ 17 or MapQuest ® 17 goals into your nav and access them anytime
  • Rear backup camera is displayed when the vehicle is put in reverse
  • A 10-speaker Bose ® 5.1 surround sound Centerpoint ® signal processing systems
  • USB port18
  • IPod13 control and Bluetooth ® 3 integration
  • XM Radio4 with a three-month trial that features an exclusive entertainment, commercial-free music channels and much more
  • XM NavTraffic20 that gives you live traffic updates where you most need it


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