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2010 Honda Insight Owners Manual

2010 Honda Insight Owners Manual - For most of this decade, Toyota's 46-mpg Prius has enjoyed a virtual monopoly within the extreme fuel-miser section. solely Honda's 42-mpg Civic Hybrid comes shut, and its sales are hampered by lackadaisical acceleration and a not-hybrid-looking-enough sedan body style. Enter the four-door 2010 Honda Insight, that takes dead aim at Toyota's inexperienced machine by giving comparable fuel economy and a look-alike hatchback layout at a significantly cheaper price. Of course, those with a extended memory may recall the first-generation Honda Insight, too, however its artistic movement look was too impractical for many individuals despite stellar fuel potency. Not therefore version 2.0.
Under the new Insight's hood is Honda's acquainted Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid system. IMA starts with a 1.3-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine that produces 88 HP and 88 pound-feet of torsion, and it adds an electrical motor that generates another 13 HP and 58 lb-ft, enough to propel the Insight up to thirty mph while not the gas engine's facilitate. A nickel-metal binary compound battery pack keeps the electrical motor whirring, and therefore the motor returns the favor via regenerative braking, changing into a battery-charging generator once the brakes square measure activated. Notably, the gas engine's shaft ne'er stops spinning, even once the Insight is working only on electrical power, therefore there isn't any improper coughing or rumbling because the gas engine comes on-line.

In addition to seamless and adequately buoyant performance, the payoff is an EPA-estimated forty mpg city/43 main road and 41 combined, according to Honda. that is to a small degree off the Toyota's pace, however the deficit should not be a big issue for many patrons. Over the course of a fifteen,000-mile year of driving, the Insight can run you an additional forty gallons of gas, that accounts for a small fraction of the money you will save by selecting the Insight within the initial place. With a beginning worth within the high teens, the Insight handily undercuts its cross-town rival's $22,000 base worth, to not mention the Civic Hybrid's $23,550 price of entry. In fact, the loaded Insight EX with the navigation system will not price an excessive amount of over a bare-bones Prius.
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