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2010 Honda CR-V Owners Manual

2010 Honda CR-V Owners Manual - The 2010 Honda CR-V receives its initial slate of great changes since being redesigned four years agone. The engine is increased with fourteen a lot of power unit and one a lot of mpg, the outside and interior are given minor detail changes, and Bluetooth and a USB audio port ar further to the choices list.
Yet this power failure has ne'er gave the impression to hurt the common-or-garden CR-V, a compact crossover that's currently the popular SUV within the country. Credit an extended list of attributes that the majority customers worth over "It wants a lot of power." Safety? Crash take a look at scores do not get far better. Versatility? cardinal blocky feet of most shipment capability and innovative storage solutions ar at your disposal. Comfort and convenience? The backseat reclines and slides, whereas options like power heated seats, navigation ANd an iPod interface ar choices. Quality? Honda's name for reliableness continues to be one in every of the strongest within the business. Drivability? The CR-V offers a number of the foremost responsive handling in its category. These all create the CR-V straightforward to advocate in a very year wherever it gains a light operate within and out, and many further nonobligatory options.
However, there ar areas that ought to offer you pause and warrant a visit to a rival business. "It wants a lot of power" is, of course, one in every of them. whereas sluggish acceleration might not be an enormous deal for you during this engorged world, it is vital to notice that engine upgrades within the harry Equinox (V6), Subaru Forester (turbocharged four-cylinder) and Toyota RAV4 (V6) give a lot of thrust with negligible fuel economy penalties. Road noise is additionally a problem with the CR-V, and a few could realize its ride to air the firm facet. The Equinox and Subaru Outback specially ar a lot of serene road cruisers.

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