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2006 Chevrolet Corvette Owner Manual

2006 Chevrolet Corvette Owner Manual In this guide you can find a description of the owner about the traction control system, brake fluid, coolant temperature, steering wheel, impact airbags, keyless access transmitter, shift, and light. Owner's manual contains the terms of the warning lights, transmitters, universal home remote, tires, keyless access systems, child restraint, and ignition.

Much information as facing child restraint, status indicators, engine air cleaner, system warning light, temperature, windshield washer, and anti-lock brakes are described in this owner's manual. Here are some excerpts from this manual owner:
TRANSMISSION HOT IDLE ENGINE: You will hear four chimes when this message is displayed. To acknowledge this warning, press the RESET button. After you press the RESET button, the message will be displayed every 10 minutes until conditions change. If you do not press the RESET button, the message remains on display until conditions change. If the transmission fluid temperature rises above 270 ° F (132 ° C) or rises rapidly, this message is displayed.
Provide more content, this manual explains things like the owner of the info frontal airbags, steering wheel, passenger sensing system, lights, side impact airbags, seat, and cooling.
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