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2001 Chevrolet S10 Owner Manual

2001 Chevrolet S10 Owner ManualThis manual describes the owner as seat belts, belt, automatic transmission, engine cleaner air, light, liquid level, control, and front axle fluid. There are a lot of information about the wheels, air bag systems, tires, emission control service, automatic transmission fluid, buttons, filter, and front axle are described in this owner manual.

In this owner's manual we can find explanations about the door, liquid level shaft, safety belts, transmission, self-control, emissions control, shaft, and the parking brake. Here are some excerpts from this manual owner:
If you do, you may be burned. Do not run the engine if there is a leak. If you run the engine, could lose all coolant. That could cause a fire engine, and you could be burned. Get the leak fixed before you drive the vehicle. NOTICE: Engine damage from running your engine without coolant is not covered by your warranty. NOTICE: When adding coolant, it is important that you use only DEX-COOLR (silicate-free) cooling. If coolant other than DEX-COOL is added to the system, the early corrosion of the engine, heater core or radiator can occur. In addition, the engine coolant will require change quickly - at 30,000 miles (50 000 km) or 24 months, whichever occurs first.
Also, this guide explains more about the owner of the child restraint, level, instrument panel, fuel, brake, oil, trailer, and press.
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