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How to fix a Kingston Pen drive from errors?

Kingston’s USB flash drives, pen drives, memory drives are great data storage and safe data transfer gadgets. However, they are also prone to damage and do not remain secure and stable forever.

Generally, the data in Kingston flash memory drives are lost or corrupted due to virus or physical damages. Let’s see a few precautions that can be taken to avoid such situations.

An important precaution is not to remove the pen drive while the data is being transferred. Always remove the pen drive after stopping it. Go to ‘Safely remove hardware’, stop the USB drive and when it says it is safe to remove it, then remove it.

If your flash drive data is still getting corrupted, go to My Computer, Right click the Removable Drive, Go to Properties Tools. Run Error Checking and Scan for errors and fix them. The files that are corrupt or in bad sectors already will not work but at least the new transferred files should work.

If everything that you have tried fails, format your drive. It will delete all the data from your USB drive and make it fresh and hopefully remove all errors. The software for formatting comes on the CD or available on support sites for your branded USB drive on the net.

To format your Kingston flash drive, right click removable drive and select and format the drive. Then scan and fixes all errors. This way, all the bad sectors are fixed and your drive would work well now.
There are also a lot of softwares/freewares that are available on the Internet for fixing your corrupted Flash drive. In such cases, you need to first download the utility from the Internet, install it on your PC and then run the utility.
You will have to format the Kingston USB drive to FAT32 file format.
In case, the USB drive is not recognized by the utility, the bad news; the USB drive is dead. This is very unlikely to have happened as a result of virus activity, and is more likely to be because of use, but either way, time to give up on it.
Though there are various ways to recover the lost or corrupted data and fix your flash drives, sometimes they may be so corrupted that it will reach a point of no return. In such cases, the best option is to check with a technician or warranty of the Kingston flash drive. They might get it repaired or replaced as per the conditions.


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