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Fuji Digital Cameras Showing Black Images or Distorted Images

Similar to Canon and Sony, Fuji has also promised to REPAIR FOR FREE its cameras experiencing symptoms of a defective CCD under their recall advisory. You may have to pay for shipping to the repair facility (I would strongly argue reimbursement with them). Some symptoms of a defective CCD include distorted images or abnormal colors, scratchy purple lines, blank or black pictures, and/or black videos with good sound being recorded on the camera's flash card. You may suspect that the camera's shutter is not opening, but this is not the case. Fuji digital still camera models that are affected include:

Advisory Camera Models and Serial Numbers
FinePix A303
Serial Numbers 3JA4**** through 3JA5****
FinePix F410
Serial Numbers 32A1****, 32A6**** through 32A7****, 32A9****
FinePix F700
Serial Numbers 33A0****, 34A1****

Had a little difficulty finding this advisory (makes it seem like they're hiding it hmmmmm? If so, shame on them!), but use the following instructions at the Fuji website: (UPDATE September 6, 2008: It seems that FUJI has abandoned their repair of these defective camera as the following link no longer works. DOUBLE shame on them!!!)


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