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Disassembly Camera Digital Guides

Please first consider that any repair that involves opening up the camera case will also require some electrical background and knowledge. Camera disassembly should not be attempted by anyone unfamiliar with basic electrical components and safety precautions. Before downloading or following any of these guides, please first read the following post concerning the risk of SEVERE flash capacitor electrical shock, and how to mitigate it when working on the exposed internal components of your camera:

That said, the usual warning if you decide to proceed: "Follow these procedures at your own risk. These procedures should only be considered as a last resort on a broken camera with an expired warranty. I take no responsibility should you damage your camera in following these steps. Also note that there is some danger of electrical shock. I also take no responsibility if you accidentally zap yourself while following any of these procedures.”

Had to share this site. It's in Estonian, but has great picture tutorials describing disassembly of many cameras:

Disassembly guides for cameras by manufacturer and model include:

Canon Powershot - Pro1, S10, S45, A70, A95, IXUS II/SD100
Sony CyberShot - DSC-P7
Nikon Coolpix - 775
Fujifilm FinePix - 40i, 2650
Minolta Dimage - Xi, E223
Olympus - C5050
Kodak - DCS 760
HP PhotoSmart - 620
Kyocera Finecam - S3R

Here's some guides showing disassembly of Canon Powershots including disassembly of a:

Here's another example Powershot SD300

Yet another example Powershot SD300

And another example Powershot SD300
with an excellent fix of a lens error!

Powershot SD400

Yet another Powershot SD500

Yet another Powershot SD550

And another Powershot SD600

And another Powershot SD600

Powershot A610 (in Russian)


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