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Setting Up Your iPad’s email

Do you want to customize your Apple iPad mail appearance and other functions that come with it?
Easy, as there are many features of your iPad tablet, especially for iPad’s email program, that you can set your own as your wish. If you want to change the default iPad Mail settings, you can do it by applying the steps below:
First – go to the Home Screen menus; in this case, if you are not there, then you should tap the “Home” button.
Next –  tap the “Settings” menu.
After that, tap the menus of Mail, Contacts, and Calendars which are located in your Settings page, on the left hand panel.
At last, having pressed the Mail, Contacts,  and Calendars menus, you can customize the items presented here from the right hand panel.
Tip on Battery Usage: If you want to maximize your battery life, you’d better reduce the frequency of using iPad push mail in order to get messages.
Tip on 3G : If  you an iPad with 3G built-in, then you can save the usage of your iPad bandwith by reducing the frequency on the mail you get and also the number of messages received.
Other email tips – Minimum Font Size menu – On your iPad, the minimum font size default setting in your Apple iPad is medium. There are options to change it, however, from Small to Giant, for a total of 5 different font sizes. To do that, just tap on “Minimum Font Size” menu you can find on the right hand panel.  You will be able to view and utilize a menu box with its size selections.
Show Messages menu - The default setting of your iPad enables you to view the last 50 messages you have got. But you can change this setting up to 200 latest messages. You can customize it by pressing “Show” menu which is located on the right hand panel of your iPad.
Custom Signatures menu - The default signature on the Apple iPad will read like this “Sent from my iPad.” If you are willing to customize it, you can press “Signature” menu, then type your preferred message to include. When this article is being written, the built in iPad mail application does not give permission to have multiple unique signatures for each email account. It could create a problem for those who use the iPad both for business uses and personal uses and they use a unique signature for each. For those who want to customize the signatures for each email address,  there are third party email clients available for the iPad that permit us to do such a customization.
Mail Previews menu – The default of Mail Previews on the iPad is a two-lines text, and that is for each email message we compose. However, you will be able to customize this, ranged from no preview until a five lines text by pressing on the “Preview” menu.
Default Mail Account menu – You are allowed to have multiple email accounts by Apple. But in case if you have a specific primary email account that you usually use for many purposes, you can set that account as your iPad Default Mail Account. The email account chosen will be used for all outgoing messages operation. The outgoing message mail account can be changed only before you press “send.”
Organize by Thread menu – The Apple iPad will classify email messages according to their history. This feature is called as threaded messaging, and it is active by default. However, if you want to use the old style and classify all emails by day, date and time, it can be turned off by tapping the menu of “Organize by Thread.”

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