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iPad 2 Problems, Issues and Complaints

The iPad 2 has been out for around 2.5 weeks now and some of the early purchasers have made note of a few iPad 2 problems. Some of these issues can be fixed by powering off the iPad, some problems will be fixed with a firmware update, some will resolve themselves over time and others might not be fixed without bringing the tablet back to an Apple store. The biggest problem with having to bring your new second generation iPad back to the Apple store is that so few stores actually have the device in stock. If there are none in stock at a location near you, it might take a few weeks to get your replacement iPad 2. Could you imagine camping out to get your iPad 2 on the launch date, only to have to return it a few weeks later? That would not be fun.

iPad 2 Problems

iPad 2 Yellow Tint – Some people who purchased the iPad 2 at the launch have complained that the screen is showing a little yellowish tint. The cause of the yellow tint on the screen is thought to be from the bonding glue used to attach the screen to the rest of the device. If this glue is not completely dry, it is possible that a yellow colored tint will be present. This happened with the iPhone 4 and was resolved over time once the glue dried. It seems like time will be the fix for the iPad 2 yellow tint issue.
iPad 2 Dropping WI-FI Signal – Some people have found that their iPad 2 will randomly drop the wifi signal. This is a very bizarre issue and there are no known solutions. Hopefully for iPad 2 owners experiencing this bug, an update to the firmware will solve this issue.
iPad 2 FaceTime Glitch – Several people have complained that there is a slight glitch with FaceTime on the iPad 2. The iPad 2 FaceTime glitch is that the screen displays a frozen image from an old FaceTime video chat. The fix to this issue is restarting the app and if that does not work, powering off the iPad and then powering it back on.
iPad 2 Quiet Speakers- Many iPad 2 owners have made complaints that the speakers on the iPad 2 are much more quiet than the speakers on the first generation iPad. The quieter speaks might be attributed to the fact that the speakers on the iPad 2 are located on the back of the tablet which causes the sound to be projected away from the user. Unfortunately there really is no fix for this other than attaching a set of portable speakers which seems a bit unrealistic in most cases.
iPad 2 Stuck in Headphone Mode- Some iPad 2 owners have noticed an issue with the speakers getting stuck in headphone mode. The issue here is that the iPad is in headphone mode however, there are no headphones plugged in to the device. Some people have been able to resolve this problem by powering down the iPad and restarting it. If that method does not work, take your iPad in to the closest Apple store and ask them for help with this issue. The might be able to fix this or give you a new iPad 2.
iPad 2 Problems

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