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Disassembly of Samsung Galaxy S

Step 1

Remove the back cover as in photo.

Step 2

Remove the screws as in photo.

Use a cross head (Philips) screw driver for this.

Step 3a

Remove the inner back cover

Plastic clips keep this all in place. Be careful, if you break them the device will be flimsy and loose upon re-assemble.
Use your finger nails or a tool (eg. staple remover) to slowly pry open the cover from the chrome bevel. You wouldn't want to break any of the plastic latches.

Step 3b

Remove the inner back cover

On the back of this inner cover, you'll notice 3 groups of antenna.

Step 4a

Removing the motherboard

There's a variety of flex cables to pry away. These cables keep the PCB in place.
Be careful not to tear the flex cable or the contacts to its connector.

Step 4b

Removing the motherboard

Step 4c

Removing the motherboard

...and the motherboard should drop into your palm.

Step 5a

Motherboard tear down

The back of the motherboard.

Step 5b

The ESD shields can be removed by prying back the small metal tabs shown here.

Step 5c

Removing the loudspeaker, SIM & microSD slots module

Step 5d

The complete tear down of the motherboard modules

Step 6a

Removing the earpiece and 3.5mm socket

After removing the motherboard assembly, you can see the 3.5mm socket on the top left of this photo.

Step 6b

Back view of 3.5mm socket & earpiece module

Step 6c

Front view of 3.5mm socket & earpiece module

Complete view of dissassembly


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