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Why my camera keeps saying ‘change battery’ even with new batteries?

It seems this problem is quite common, especially on those cameras which use AA size batteries.
Check your camera manual to see what kind of battery the manufacturer recommends to use in your camera.
Alkaline battery and NiMh rechargeable battery are popular batteries used in digital cameras. These batteries can provide high volume current to the camera.
Canon A530 uses two pieces of AA batteries. The current on this model can be high over 1000 mA when the flash is charging.
There are many kinds of batteries on the market. Some of them are designed for remote controllers which use very little amount current. So if you put these batteries in your camera, you may get ‘low battery’ immediately even the batteries are brand new.
As for the camera, we need to ensure the power is in good connection.  If the contact areas of the batteries with the springs inside the battery compartment are dirty, or the springs lose elasticity, the batteries can not be contacted properly.  It causes ‘low battery’ too.
So try to clean the batteries terminals and the contact areas; adjust the springs by pulling a little up with a small hook. Mostly it can solve the ‘low battery’ problem.
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