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Who killed my G9 ?

Do you have a Canon G9 died suddenly? You would find you are not alone when searching on the Internet.
If you are a G9 owner, you better read this tip, even your G9 is still alive. Why? Because there is a timer-bomb clicking inside! You don’t know when it is going to be triggered.
How to dismantle it? I’ll show you.But take out the battery before reading this tips.
Take off all the screws around the camera. Don’t forget this one.
(click on pictures to enlarge)
Remove the ring on the front cover and open up the camera. Can you see some thing weird? Not sure? Keep going.
Remove the screw here.
Remove screws shown on here, and take off the small cover.
Disconnect the cables and remove these screws too.
The screws fell off! This is the one you have seen on Figure 2. Where is the other one?
Here it is.
Disconnect the cable and turn over the board…
These loosen screws will go anywhere inside the camera. They may short the DC/DC board even the main board.
In this case, I found the fuse (shown with a letter ‘R’) was open.  I connected a meter, lucky me, the unit turned on!
What is the remedy?
Before I find out the exact part number for the fuse, here is the temporary solution:
1. replace the fuse with a 1A 32V SMD fuse. (I found the current was not over 500mA)
2. put those screws back on the top cover with a little bit Thread Locker.
If the new fuse won’t solve your problem, you may need to replace the DC/DC board or main board .
Is your G9 still alive? You better open it,  check  it out.

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