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Top 10 Motorcycle Gadgets for 2011

Gorilla Motorcycle Alarm - Model 8007

The Gorilla 8007 is loaded with three sensors that instantly trip the unit's adjustable 120db Piezo siren when disturbed. The tilt sensor, is activated once the alarm is armed. Once the motorcycle is pulled upright, the alarm is automatically set off. The 8007's two-stage shock sensor monitors any disturbance, jolt or impact to the motorcycle. Light disturbances sound off a single sonic chirp, while stronger disturbances blast the alarm for a full 30 seconds. The sensor also scans for any anomalies in the electrical system and can activate the alarm upon intrusion (e.g. during a hot-wiring attempt.) The 8007 provides maximum protection for your bike in every possible situation. It gets better......its 100% waterproof and installation that takes less than 30 minutes with common hand tools. For the price, the Gorilla 8007 provides affordable security that no motorcyclist should be without.

Video of Gorilla Alarm

MG-Moto Hanger

"Innovation of the Month" - February 2011 Motorcycle Consumer News!

MotoGads' Moto Hanger 
During a recent trip, I was forced to answer nature's first call. Desperately running toward a porta-potty, I flung open the plastic door and stepped inside only to realize I forgot to remove my helmet. Just before passing out from the heat and nauseating smell, I pulled this handy little gadget out of my pocket, snaked it through my helmet's O-rings, attached it to my backpack and finished my business. I also use that same trick when I'm carrying a lot of gear on a trip.

Introducing MotoGads innovative foldable Moto Hanger. It protects your helmet or tank bag from dirty floors and thieves by hanging it right next to you on the table where you eat. The hanger is pocket sized and engineered to hold up to 15lbs. Each set comes with one MG Moto Hanger, a black velvet storage pouch and a black rugged gift box.

This unique gadget is a must have for every riders arsenal. Use it to hang your keys, helmet, tank bag or camera. Use it in a restaurant, hotel, office, bathroom or home. Its sleek motorcycle logo shows off your sport. Check out this quick video to see the Moto Hanger in action.

Video of Moto Hanger

The Crampbuster

The Crampbuster is a "must have gadget". I've had the CB-1 for many years and I never take it off. It is an amazingly simple device but provides an enormous benefit in comfort. It provides excellent control of the throttle even in quick starts and sportbike riders, don't worry, it won't cramp your style.

Grenade Cover Alarm

Whether you cover your bike at work or in front of a hotel room during an overnight trip, the Grenade Cover Alarm provides affordable protection against anyone who is trying to take a peek under the cover or quietly make off with your bike.

The Grenade Cover Alarm can be clipped to any part of a motorcycle, preferably somewhere that is inconspicuous to a intruder. The one foot tether connects the alarm to the cover. On one side of the tether, a small grenade like pin connects to the top of the alarm. On the other side, a trigger hook attaches to a "D" ring, which is fastened to the inside of the cover with a strip of permanent high impact nylon tape (both included.)

Once the alarm is secured on the motorcycle, the cover can be carefully put on, allowing enough tension in the tether to activate the alarm if the cover is disturbed. The alarm will sound off an ear piercing 120db blast that should send any intruder running. The pin is extremely small and cannot be re-inserted easily when removed, especially if the alarm is concealed and sounding off. The alarm also comes with a test light that is built in the unit. The Grenade Cover Alarm is a low cost gadget that has high impact.

Ram Mounts

Ram MountsIt's easy to build the right mount for your motorcycle. Each component is categorized to easily understand. Also available
are kits that contain the most common configurations.

MG Kickstand Plate

MG Kickstand Plate 
Last year, I took an advanced rider course to brush up on my riding skills. One of the instructors parked his bike in a freshly tarred part of the parking lot that was shaded by a large tree. Needless to say, the temperature rose, the shade moved to the other side and his bike fell over. You would think that I learned a lesson.

One month later I rode to the beach for the day. At noon I checked on my 600RR only to find it leaning so far over on the kickstand that the rear wheel was actually off the asphalt. Even worse, I spent 15 minutes trying to pull the buried kickstand out of the lot. Since that day, I use my kickstand plate wherever I go.

This MG Kickstand Plate will protect your motorcycle from sinking and tipping over in a parking area made of soft asphalt, gravel or sand. This custom made plate comes in black and blue and will work on all motorcycles. Each kickstand plate is made from a durable heavy duty injection plastic, with a predrilled 3/16" small hole that you can attach to a tether, reminder string, or keychain.

Video of MG Kickstand Plate

GoPro HD Motorsport Hero

My friends and I first started to use the GoPro camera on our Fall 2009 trip and have been in love with it ever since. It rained our whole trip and I can personally testify that it is indeed waterproof. It is easy to setup and the quality is outstanding. The photo every 2 or 5 seconds mode is an excellent feature allowing you to take pictures of your trip without ever having to stop.

Here are a few more must have toys for your car or bike to check out!

Cruz EconoKit H2

If you are like me, quality tools are a must. The EconoKit H2 will not disappoint. There is a lot that can come loose on your bike that can be both a hazard and a annoyance. Don't rely on your OEM kit in these situations as they may not deliver.

Bargain hunters will be delighted with the H2, because considerable capability is packed into a compact package. The most common fasteners are covered with five combination wrenches, plus a stout 6-in-1 screwdriver, tire gauge, hex and Torx keys, 2-in-1 spark plug socket, and more. The rugged pouch, with self-healing zippers, won't let you down.

Chatterbox XBi2 Intercom

This by far is the smallest and best communication device I've ever used. We ride in three's so having the open communication between all of us has been awesome. Sound has been good with the speakers that are supplied (see Headset Accessory for using your own Ear Buds). The XBi2 syncs with my Garmin GPS, and I have navigation, music, and phone calls all transmitted wireless.

Flash2Pass - Motorcycle Garage Door Opener

Turn your existing headlight high beam switch into a garage door opener with Flash2Pass. It REALLY works! Just double click your motorcycle's high beam and Walla%u2026the garage door opens. Flash2Pass works on virtually any motorcycle with a 12-volt system and operates with most automatic garage door openers manufactured since 1982 and going forward. It can be installed in less than 15 minutes with standard household tools and includes easy do-it-yourself instructions for the DIY homeowner. Each set comes with a Receiver and weatherproof Transmitter.

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