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The Mophie 3G Juice Pack

The Mophie 3G Juice Pack has been out since November 2008. It’s an external battery pack available for the iPhone that greatly extends the battery life while simultaneously charging the iPhone’s internal battery. One of the concerns about the Pack is the bulk it adds. There also no way to “turn the juice off” for those times when you don’t need to be drawing down power (which Mophie claims takes more iPhone 3G battery power to do).

Now there’s a solution to both problems. Keep a lookout for Mophie’s upcoming Juice Pack Air. This external battery will not only be $20 cheaper at $79.95 but it will also function as a case, offering full body protection, as well as an external 1,200 mAh battery (the regular Mophie Juice Pack 3G has 1,800 mAh). With a claimed 4.5 hour 3G talk or Internet time (standard 3G Juice Pack claims 6 hours), and 20 hours of video playback – the new Juice Pack might be a worthwhile addition for iPhone users constantly on the go. Expect to see the Juice Pack Air in Spring 2009 at Apple stores or online at for $79.95 ($20 less than the current model).

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