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Polycom HDX 7000 Series FAQ

What is the HD resolution of the HDX 7000 Series?

The I/O HD resolution is 720p or 1280 x 720 resolution at 30 fps. The HDX 7002 codes, transmits and decodes up to this resolution at call speeds of 1024 Mbps and above.

What other video resolutions are supported?

The HDX HDX 7000 series supports CIF/SIF at 128 kbps, 4CIF/4SIF at 256 kbps - 1 Mbps,. The HDX 7001 supports 4CIF/4SIF up to the maximum point-to-point speeds of 2 Mbps.

What is the maximum call speed?

2 Mbps (Standard)
4 Mbps (Optional) for use in a multipoint call

Is the HDX 7000 systems 1080p capable?

The HDX 7000 Series codec will not be able to be upgraded to 1080p.

How many camera inputs are supported?

3 total: 1 HDCI, 1 DVI-I, 1 S-Video.

How many video outputs are there?

2 Standard
  • DVI-, supporting DVI, YPbPr, S-Video and Composite.
  • S-Video supporting S-Video and composite.
  • Additional DVI-I is optional for 2nd monitor supporting DVI, PPbPr, VGA, S-Video and composite.

How many digital microphone arrays are supported?

Up to 2 (a combination of table top and ceiling microphones can be used).

What is included in the HDX 7000 base bundle?

The HDX 7000 series includes the codec, EagleEye HD camera, HDX microphone array, HDX remote control, 12' LAN cable, 10' Stereo audio and composite video for NTSC or 10' VGA plus 25' stereo audio for PAL and 25' HDX microphone array cable.

What bundled solutions are available for the HDX 7000 Series?

XL Package - Includes base HDX 7000 bundle, People+Content, People+Content IP, 2nd Monitor with 10' composite cable in NTSC countries or 10' VGA in PAL countries.
XLP Package - Includes HDX 7000, People+Content, People+Content IP, 2nd Monitor with 10' composite cable in NTSC countries or 10' VGA in PAL countries, 4-way MPPlus and 4 Mbps data rates.
Polycom HDX 7000 Dual Monitor Wall Mount Configuration photo.

What options are available for the HDX 7000 Series?

All of the following options can be added to a HDX 7000 Series system.
Quad BRI Module - This module is a separate box and connects to the codec via a provided P-Link cable and provides connectivity for up to (4) S/T BRI lines. Includes 4 12' cables to connect to the network.
PRI Module - This module is a separate box and connects to the codec via a provided PLink cable and provides ISDN connectivity up to 2 Mbps bandwidth. Include 1 12' cable to connect to the network.
Serial Module - This module is a separate box and connects to the codec via a provided P-Link cable and provides support for up to 2 V.35, RS-4499 or RS-530 connections up to 2Mbps with RS-366 dialing. Need to order appropriate network interface cable(s) separately.
MPPlus Software License - When installed, this license allows the user to have up to (4) sites connected during a single video conference plus one audio site. Cascading and audio transcoding are also supported in this internal MCU.
HDX People+Content - This option allows users to connect their laptop to the video conferencing system during a call and present high-resolution graphics via the DVI connection on the codec. An audio input jack is provided for stereo audio when this video input is selected.
Included with this option is People+Content IP, this feature allows users to share data to the HDX 7000 through the LAN. This software license is included with the People+Content option in the XL and XLP bundles. Content resolutions supported include VGA, SVGA and XGA. Audio is not support with People+Content IP.
Each presenter laptop will use a PC utility to send the Content. This PC utility is available for unlimited download from the Polycom website. PC requirements include Windows® 2000 or Windows XP.
Stereo Speaker Kit - Includes subwoofer, (2) high-grade auxiliary speakers (with speaker stands) that enable the maximum benefit of Polycom StereoSurround and delivers 270 watts of audio.
Ceiling Microphone Array - A Polycom microphone array unobtrusively mounted on the conference room ceiling, providing 360° coverage. Available in white or black, up to 2 can be daisy-chained together.
HDX Packaged Solutions - Polycom offers a wide range of packaged solutions with our endpoints. This includes the Polycom HDX Media Center which can be purchased in pedestal or a wall mount configurations. These solutions come with a single or dual 42” LCD with a powerful stereo sound bar for HD Audio.
4 Mbps Bandwidth - To distribute between callers using the internal multipoint bridge.
Additional Video Output - Add the capability of an additional DVI-I video output and this includes the appropriate cable.

What is the max length of camera cable?

When used with a Polycom Eagle-Eye Camera the main camera cable can be extended 250 feet using an analog component HDCI pin out.

Does People+ Content (H.239) support High Definition?

The entire HDX Series uses H.239 People+Content. When using a minimum of 2 Mbps bandwidth, both people and content will be in high definition.

What PC resolutions are supported?

Resolutions up to 1280x1024 are supported.

What is Basic Mode?

Basic mode is a setting that any can be made on any HDX that sets the system to the lowest common denominator, thus virtually ensuring interoperability with legacy systems or other vendors' video conferencing systems. Basic mode is H.261 for video and G.711 for audio. There is no data sharing in basic mode.

Is there flexibility in how participants can be viewed while in a multipoint call?

Yes. There are (4) settings to choose from in the user interface when using the internal multipoint capabilities. Note that, when paired with a Polycom RMX&153; product, the layout options are numerous.
  • Auto - Will automatically switch to a single presenter if that presenter speaks for (15) seconds or greater.
  • Discussion mode - Displays up to (4) quadrants on a single screen, seen by both far and near-end participants.
  • Presentation mode - Allows the presenter to see up to (4) participants on a single screen, while the participants see only the presenter.
  • In Full Screen mode - The speaker is seen full screen by both far and near-end participants.

What type of audio integration is available with this product?

Voice over ISDN - With a QBRI or PRI module installed, the HDX 7000 Series can take advantage of a single ISDN channel to make an audio call, adding that participant to the video call.

What is Live Music Mode?

This feature, when enabled, transmits audio using a configuration that reproduces live music picked up by microphones more faithfully. For example, noise suppression and automatic gain control are disabled when this setting is enabled.

What is Keyboard Noise Reduction?

Keyboard Noise Reduction technology reduces the noise a computer keyboard can generate during a video conference. It works best when there is no other audio on the far side, for example - no one is talking at the same time there is typing.

Does this product support an API?


What are the warranty and software upgrade terms?

The HDX 7000 Series has the standard Polycom warranty. This includes:
  • 90 days of software updates and upgrades
  • One year of return-to-factory hardware support
Enhanced service packages are also available at time of purchase. Customers are encouraged to renew or upgrade their service package at the end of the warranty period, if not before. To ensure timely notice of the availability of new software updates and upgrades, customers should register all products under the "Register Your Product" link at More information on Polycom Global Services Programs is available in the HDX 7000 Sales Services Guide.

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Polycom HDX 7000 Series

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