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No display on LCD screen

“My LCD is black, how to fix it?”
Don’t be rush to the repair shop, maybe there is nothing wrong with your camera.
Many cameras have a function button called ‘DISP’. The LCD screen could be turned off by pressing the ‘DISP’ button, specially on those camers which have a viewfinder.
So what is the ‘DISP’ button for?
Let’s take a look at this page on Canon PowerShot SD1100IS(IXUS80IS) Camera User Guide.

As you have seen, the button is used for switching the display modes.
Now if you have a black LCD screen, you know where to check first.
If you can switch to information view, but only see a black picture with information, this is a real problem.
The next thing we need to check is the shutter.
Look inside the lens closely, turn on the power, take a shot, if you can see a little hole opens in the middle, the shutter is good. That means the CCD is defective.
If you don’t see the action of the shutter, the shutter is bad.
In these cases, the camera needs to be repaired.

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