Microsoft Arc Touch mouse comes with the simulation vibration feedback, blue track sensor and the application of new material and design. Microsoft Arc touch mouse has caused great concern since its launch in Jan 2011, and the heat even may exceed Apple iPhone 4′s.

Microsoft Arc Touch mouse offers us a brand new feeling either in the stylish look or in the design concept. But how does the simulation feedback work? How can Microsoft Arc Touch mouse turn from flat to curve? How can the big Microsoft Blue Track sensor put into the ultra-slim Microsoft Arc Touch mouse? So, we will disassemble Microsoft Arc Touch mouse to find out the answers to the following questions.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Specs
Model: 2.4GHz Wireless mouse
Buttons: 2 buttons with touch sensitive scroll tab
Resolution: 1000 DPI
Response rate: 125Hz
Sensor: blue track sensor
Connectivity: USB port
Features: easy flexible design goes flat for pack, touch sensitive scroll tab with vibration function, snap-in transceiver, curve to turn on and flatten to turn off

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse
The industrial design of Microsoft Arc Touch mouse is very outstanding. There is no place in the whole appearance available for disassembly. Finally we find two tiny socket cap screws after removing the label in the battery cabinet. So the disassembly of Microsoft Arc Touch mouse begins from here.

Two socket cap screws inside the battery cabinet of Microsoft Arc Touch mouse
After removing these two screws, Microsoft Arc touch mouse has no sign of loosening. Maybe a clip connection fixes the Microsoft Arc Touch mouse. After careful search,  we find a seam hiding between the button board and the bottom case. It’s hard to notice it because of its corner location and the close integration between moulds. With tools, we finally open it to see the internal structure of Microsoft Arc Touch mouse.

With the 16mm thickness in the top, this space is too small to store internal components. But once we open the Microsoft Arc touch,  it’s amazing to discover that such complicated structure can fit into such a small space. The complexity will not lose in any other high-end mice.

Inside Microsoft Arc Touch
First, let’s focus on the button board which uses the simulation vibration feedback. There is a remarkable complicated wide flat cable and a long strip iron box under the button board, while the iron box may work to provide feedback for the capacitance touch-sensitive scroll tab. But it is distinct that a junction point is found on the flat cable which may be used to do the maintenance test.

A detail on the button board surprises us-fixed copper pillars are especially designed to guarantee the reliability and stability of connection under the two screws that fix the button board, which is rare to see in other mice. The power connecting cable of Microsoft Arc touch mouse also adopts the socket model to connect to the main board, which is convenient for the maintenance and replacement. The above design can show how much attention Microsoft pay for on the details.

Microsoft Arc Touch button board
With compact internal structure, the build quality of Microsoft Arc touch mouse is also very decent. Microsoft Arc touch mouse comes with two-layer PCBs and SMD electronic components.

Due to the convertible shape, the PCBs aren’t horizontal to the bottom case; instead, it comes with a certain angle. Two-layer PCBs are parallel and connected by the soft flat cable. The upper PCB also connects with the touch-sensitive flat cable, and fixes the core section of Microsoft Arc touch mouse –the Blue Track sensor.

Microsoft Arc Touch upper PCB
Since a certain angle exists between the bottom case and the upper PCB, the upper PCB of Microsoft Arc touch mouse is fixed by the screws and clips to reduce the difficulty of mold opening and make sure the reliability.

The second generation Blue Track optical sensor, specially designed for Microsoft hardware, will be seen after removing the screws and clips fixing the upper PCB. Compared with the previous Blue Track sensor, this Blue Track sensor on Microsoft Arc Touch mouse is much smaller, which is caused by the difference of lens in the imaging system. The lens of Microsoft Arc touch are fixed on the upper PCB to ensure that the lens are fixed and won’t effect the mouse positioning in mobile.

Microsoft Arc Touch mouse features Blue Track sensor

Blue Track sensor lens comparison
After comparison with the previous Blue Track sensor, it’s easy to find out their difference: the size of Blue track senor lens on Microsoft Arc touch mouse is smaller than 1/3 that of previous lens, but functions very well as same as the previous one.

Blue Track sensor imaging chipset comparison
The lower PCB of Microsoft Arc Touch mainly comes equipped with the micro switch and wireless send-receive chip. To ensure its ultra-slim design, the left and right buttons of Microsoft Arc Touch use two SMD micro switches with soft handle, which is more suitable for daily work and business affairs.

Microsoft Arc Touch mouse SMD micro switches
The wireless send-receive chip of Microsoft Arc Touch mouse
Microsoft Arc Touch send-receive chip is located at the bottom of the lower PCB. This 2.4GHz chip comes with the model number of NRFA 24L01, and supports 125 channels and effectively ensure that Microsoft Arc Touch mouse is free from interference of other devices.

You may be very curious about the distinct flexible switch. Now, let’s look at how this part is designed. After taking off the fixed screws of the rubber case on the top and bottom sides, we can slowly remove the bottom rubber case form Microsoft Arc Touch mouse. The rubber case that is taken off bands like a

Remove the bottom three screws of Microsoft Arc Touch mouse
The rubber case of Microsoft Arc Touch
Finally we find the truth of Microsoft Arc Touch convertible part. The black and white stripped Daicel material connects with the sheet steels using riveting like a snake, which is simple and reliable structure. The bottom of Microsoft Arc Touch mouse resembles the Reaver in StarCraft, featuring some sheet steels to rivet on the Daicel material. Due to the riveting connection, we can not find the true feature of Microsoft Arc Touch flexible switch. However, we are already satisfied to see the snaky design of Microsoft Arc Touch mouse.

Microsoft Arc Touch snaky design

Microsoft Arc Touch mouse bottom
Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Conclusion

Microsoft Arc Touch mouse breaks with tradition of regular mice; plus the stylish model and subtle design, Microsoft Arc Touch mouse can be called the iPhone 4 in the mouse Industry. The build quality and originality of Microsoft Arc Touch can rival iPhone 4, but also Microsoft Arc Touch mouse is not just a product. Maybe after a few years, users’ operation habit is changed, which just begins from the Microsoft Arc Touch mouse.

Exquisite appearance, easy to carry
Unique Vibration function
Fine surface compatibility
The button area is a bit small
Users need to adapt the unique handle