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LG Mobile Phones Flashfile Firmwares

LG Mobile Phones Flashfile Firmwares for the following Unit/model handsets:
a7150, b1300, b1200, b200, b2070, b2100, b2150, b2250, c1100, c1150, c1200, c1400, c2100, c2200, c2500, c3310, c3320, c3380, c3400, c3600, f1200, f2100, f2200, f2300, f2400, f2410, f3000, f7100, g1500, g1600, g1610, g1800, g3000, g3100, g5200, g5220, g5300, g5310, g5400, g5500, g5600, g7000a, g7030, g7050, g7070, g7100, kc550, kc560, kc780, kc910, ke500, ke590, ke600, ke770, ke800, ke820, ke850, ke970, ke990, kf240, kf300, kf350, kf510, kf600, kf700, kf750, kf755, kg110, kg120, kg130, kg190, kg200, kg210, kg225, kg245, kg270, kg276, kg280, kg288, kg290, kg296, kg300, kg320, kg370, kg800, kg810, kg920, km380, km500, kp105, kp110, kp130, kp152, kp200, kp220, kp265, kp320, kp500, ks20, ks360, l342i, l1100, m4410, m6100, p7200, s3500, s5000, s5200, t5100, w3000, w5200, w7000

 Download All LG Firmware Version

Model/Unit Version   Download  Size File Description
A7150 103 download 10.94 MB  .mot
B1200 B1300 - download 7.75 MB firmware recovery
B2000 116 download 8.01 MB  .mot
B2070 10F download 8.01 MB  .mot
B2100 116 download 8.11 MB  .mot
B2150 10H download 8.11 MB .mot
B2250 10H download 8.96 MB  .mot
C1100 222 download 6.91 MB  .mot
C1150 10F download 7.13 MB  .mot
C1200 109 download 6.05 MB  .mot
C1400 106 download 7.95 MB .mot
C2100 117 download 9.65 MB  .mot
C2200 114 download 7.42 MB  .mot
C2500 10K download 18.16 MB  .mot + .
C3310 103 download 8.53 MB  .mot
C3320 112 download 9.83 MB  .mot
C3380 10F download 9.78 MB  .mot
C3400 115 download 9.87 MB  .mot
C3600 10Q download 13.82 MB  .mot
F1200 106 download 15.97 MB  .m0
F2100 126 download 10.92 MB  .mot
F2200 10H download 9.78 MB  .mot
F2300 116 download 9.75 MB .mot
F2400 111 download 11.31 MB  .mot
F2410 10N download 11.39 MB  .mot
F3000 10D download 16.19 MB  .mot
F7100 080 download 4.65 MB  .bif
G1500 111 download 2.51 MB  .mot
G1600 223 download 6.27 MB  .mot
G1610 110 download 7.65 MB  .mot
G1800 111 download 6.85 MB  .mot
G3000 100 download 1.66 MB  .bif
G3100 126 download 4.44 MB .mot
G5200 310 download 2.09 MB  .bif
G5220 110 download 5.84 MB  .mot
G5300 120 download 6.55 MB  .mot
G5310 119 download 6.86 MB  .mot
G5400 113 download 7.81 MB  .mot
G5500 115 download 6.10 MB .m0
G5600 119 download 7.75 MB  .mot
G7000a 155 download 5.27 MB  .m0
G7030 144 download 5.85 MB  .m0
G7050 115 download 6.12 MB  .m0
G7070 115 download 4.09 MB  .bif
G7100 114 download 8.03 MB  .mot
GB102 10B download 1.42 MB  .bin
GB106 10A download 1.36 MB .bin
10B download 1.37 MB  .bin
10C download 1.36 MB  .bin
10D download 1.37 MB  .bin
GB110 10C download 38.34 MB  .fls
10H download 1.97 MB  .fls
GB125 10C download 1.43 MB  .dffs + .fls +
10D download 1.43 MB .bin
GB210 10B download 8.51 MB .bin
GB330 10E download 35.02 MB  .bin
GC900 10D download 212.9 MB  .bin
GD330 10H download 34.89 MB  .bin
10J download 35.18 MB  .bin
KC550 10i download 35.68 MB  .bin
KC560 10C download 35.56 MB  .bin
KC780 10C download 36.33 MB  .bin
KC910 10D download 95.62 MB .dz
10G download 95.69 MB  .dz
KE500 10W download 26.40 MB  .cab
10X download 26.4 MB  .cab
KE590 10J download 25.98 MB .cab
KE600 10X download 16.60 MB .dffs + .fls
KE770 10J download 17.58 MB  .fls
KE800 10M download 12.92 MB  .fls
KE820 10W download 11.80 MB  .dffs + .fls
KE850 10I download 22.13 MB  .dffs + .fls
KE970 10J download 13.55 MB .fls
KE990 10D download 67.36 MB  .dz
10F download 66.85 MB  .dz
10G download 66.87 MB .dz
KF240 10E download 16.32 MB  .mot
10G download 9.11 MB  .mot
KF300 10L download 10.31 MB  .bin
KF350 10D download 33.26 MB  .bin
10F download 32.30 MB  .bin
KF510 10O download 31.45 MB  .bin
10P download 31.46 MB  .bin
KF600 10J download 22.63 MB  .fls
KF690 10C download 62.19 MB  .dz
KF700 10E download 63.90 MB  .dz
KF750 10I download 65.64 MB  .ssw
KF755 10I download 79.76 MB  .ssw +
10J download 78.95 MB  .ssw
KG110 10G download 5.49 MB  .mot
KG120 10C download 5.19 MB .mot
KG130 10A download 9.02 MB  .mot
KG190 10E download 6.03 MB  .bin
KG195 10G download 13.92 MB  .bin
KG200 10H download 12.73 MB  .bin
KG210 10G download 8.19 MB  .mot
KG225 10A download 7.64 MB  .mot
KG245 10K download 12.82 MB  .mot
KG270 10I download 1.28 MB  .dffs + .fls
KG276 10D download 1.28 MB  .dffs + .fls
KG280 10E download 11.53 MB .mot
KG290 10B download 11.95 MB  .mot
KG296 10G download 12.42 MB .mot
KG300 10E download 8.13 MB  .bin
KG320 10I download 15.64 MB  .mot
KG370 10I download 3.55 MB .dffs + .fls
KG800 10F download 14.25 MB  .mot
KG810 10Y download 10.81 MB  .m0
KG920 10I download 21.86 MB  .mot
KM330 10D download 28.33 MB  .bin
KM380 10F download 31.73 MB  .bin
10H download 31.77 MB  .bin
KM500 10P download 30.46 MB  .cab
KM900 10H download 190.87 MB  .bin
10K download 190.68 MB .bin
KP105 10B download 1.35 MB  .bin
KP110 10H download 9.54 MB  .mot
KP152 10E download 6.02 MB  .bin
KP200 10I download 10.01 MB  .mot
KP220 10A download 13.16 MB  .bin
10B download 13.30 MB  .bin
KP265 10F download 7.51 MB  .bin
KP320 10F download 23.20 MB  .bin
10G download 23.21 MB  .bin
KP500 10J download 85.96 MB  .bin
10S download 86.83 MB  .bin
10U download 87.16 MB  .bin
10V download 87.14 MB .bin
KS20 10D download 55.75 MB  .dz
KS360 10D download 32.00 MB  .bin
10E download 32.06 MB  .bin
KS660 10D download 83.22 MB  .bin
10F download 84.58 MB  .bin
KU970 10A download 53.91 MB  .bin
KU990 10B download 60.06 MB  .bin
10C download 66.53 MB  .bin
L342i 10B download 7.30 MB .mot
L1100 111 download 6.65 MB .m0
M4410 10N download 13.51 MB  .mot
M6100 10H download 15.19 MB  .mot
P7200 10O download 16.63 MB  .mot
PX8700 - download 15.90 MB  .bin
PX8800 - download 23.22 MB  .bin
S3500 10L download 9.81 MB  .shx
S5000 10J download 11.24 MB  .mot
S5200 10S download 15.49 MB  .mot
T5100 160 download 8.90 MB  .m0
W3000 114 download 1.77 MB  .bif
W5200 309 download 2.09 MB  .bif
W7000 155 download 5.26 MB .m0


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