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Kindle Power Troubleshooting

Kindle battery not charging.


  1. Connect Kindle to a different outlet.
  2. Verify the charge light at the base of the Kindle is on.
  3. Restart Kindle by pressing Home > Menu > Settings > Menu and select "Restart." Is the charge light on? Contact Customer Service.
  4. Is the charge light off? AC adapter needs to be replaced.
  5. Contact us for in-warranty options.

Kindle battery not holding a charge.

Possible cause:
  • Kindle receiving a weak wireless signal and is constantly trying to connect.

  1. Turn wireless off and fully charge your Kindle.
  2. With wireless turned off, Kindle battery life should be:
    At least 7 days
  3. If battery lasts less than the time frame given above, please contact us for in-warranty options.


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