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How to replace the shutter button on SONY CyberShot DSC-H5 digital camera

Shutter button popping off and halfway-focus function missing are the common problems on the Sony CyberShot DSC-H5.

This tip will show you how to replace the shutter button and the control block assembly.
Here are the new parts.

Unscrew all the screws around the camera and remove the rear case.
Disconnect the LCD data cable.
Loose these three screws…
and this one too.
Lift the flexible buttons and take away the LCD unit.
Unlock and disconnect the cables, take out the main board and viewfinder assembly.
Now, totally discharge the flash capacitor by using a 1K OHM/5W resistor as shown on Figure 9.
Remove two screws and take the lens assembly out.
Remove these two screws and slide out the defective control block assembly.
Twist the broken shutter button widdershins and take it out.
Now put on the new button.
Twist the new button and lock in place.
Put the new control block in and secure it by two screws.
Put the lens assembly back.
Put on the main board. Connect back all the cables, don’t forget the microphone wires. The connector is behind the main board.
Put on the LCD unit. Connect the LCD data cable and put it in place.
Organize the flexible buttons as shown on Figure 18.
Now close the back cover.

Here are the links for parts

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