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How to replace LCD screen for Canon SD1000

To replace a broken LCD screen for Canon SD1000 is quite easier than a Panasonic DMC-LZ1.
First, unscrew six screws around the camera, remove the front and rear covers.
(click on pictures to enlarge)
Take out two screws there, remove the shield and unplug the backlight cable.
Lift the tiny lock to unlock the connector, unplug the LCD data cable.
Lift from one side of the LCD screen, take the broken LCD out. Watch out the point with red circle. It’ll help you when you install the new LCD.
To install the new LCD screen just reverse all the steps. Insert the new LCD as the red circle shown on Figure 4. Plug the backlight cable in and put screw on to hold the LCD.
Plug the LCD data cable to the end and lock it (Figure 3). Put back the shield and tight the screw (Figure 2). Now close the front and back cover. Watch out the mode switch; make sure it’s in the right position when you put the back cover on. Tight up the six screws.
That is it!
 Where to buy a LCD replacement?  Google this number CM1-4131.

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