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How to fix a Canon SD750 with intermittent flash problem

Symptom: the camera is working fine without flash, but when you need the flash to take pictures, it won’t work; only the flash icon keeps blinking.
There is a cold solder on the flash unit. You may need a small tip for soldering.
CAUSTION: The flash unit has high voltage circuit. Be careful with electric shock when operating.
Remove all the screws around the camera and open it.
Remove this screw and take off the top portion.
(click on pictures to enlarge)
Peel off the tape.
Discharge the capacitor by using a 1K OHM / 5W resistor. Use a volt-meter to make sure you have discharged the capacitor totally.
Disconnect the LCD backlight cable and remove the screw on the side of the flash unit.
Take out the flash unit.
Click on Figure 4 and enlarge this picture, you’ll see the cold solder. Re-solder the inductor, solve the intermittent flash problem.

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