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How To Connecting Tom Tom GPS to your computer

To get the most from your TomTom ONE, you'll probably want to link it to your PC or Mac to back up (and restore) the contents of your memory card (SD card) including your Favorite locations and preferences, to load new maps and to install new navigation voices. 

Locate the USB data cable and plug the smaller end into the back of your TomTom ONE. Plug the larger USB connector into a spare port on your Windows PC or Mac.
Note: While your TomTom ONE is connected to your computer (it will be recognized as a 'Mass storage device'), you won't be able to use it to look up routes. Normal operation is restored as soon as you disconnect from the computer.
Insert the TomTom ONE installation CD into your computer's CD/DVD drive and the Setup program should launch automatically.
Tip: If your computer is configured not to run CDs automatically, browse to the TomTom ONE CD and then double-click on the file 'Setup'.

Backing up

Select 'Backup/restore' to make a backup copy of the contents of your memory card, including your Home and Favorite locations, plus your TomTom system Preferences. In the event of trouble, all of these can be restored to your device, potentially saving you a lot of time and effort setting things up again.

Voice prompts and more

You can add extra voice prompts by selecting 'Add/remove extra features' and then 'Add a voice prompt', provided there is room on your memory card. Use 'Remove a voice prompt' to delete a voice that you don't want anymore, to save space.
The option 'Install free demos, etc.' will take you online, to

Other selections

The remaining selections, 'Read the manual', 'Visit' and 'Quit' are all self-explanatory.


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