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How to change LCD screen for Panasonic DMC-TZ1

The LCD screen comes as a replacement kit when you order the kit (part number VYK1V57KIT) from Panasonic.

Her is the kit, an instruction is included.


 Take the battery out.
 Take off the screws as shown on Figure 2, 3 & 4.



 Open the back cover.

Unlock the connectors; unplug the LCD backlight cable and the data cable.

Use a flat screwdriver slowly to pry the broken LCD up from the back cover.


The LCD shield might be broken when you lift it up. It is ok in this case because the replacement kit included the shield.
But if you buy an OEM LCD screen, maybe there is not backlight and other things with together.  You must be careful, don’t break any otherthings if you only get the LCD sheet.

Peel off the protection of the new LCD.

Peel off one separator from the LCD tape(double-sided tape) and tape on the LCD shield.


Peel off another separator. Put the LCD on the back cover. Once the LCD is in the right position, slightly press the LCD to ensure it is taped on the back cover properly.


Put on the LCD barrier (1).
Fold the backlight cable on the white line (2).


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