Thursday, 9 June 2011

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DIY guide to disassemble your Sprint HTC Hero

Step 1 - See your phone working...

Step 2 -Back Cover Removal

Remove 4 (T6) Torx Screws (Red Circles)
Start at the top and pry the housing cover off (the chrome is on this piece)
Push Tabs in (Green Circles)
Remove housing cover

Step 3 - Circuit Board Removal

Undo 2 connectors (Red Circles)
Unscrew 2 Philips Screws (Red Circles)
Remove Circuit Board

Step 4 - LCD Removal

Undo Circuit board double-taped to back of LCD (Red Circles)
Undo tape at top of LCD (Red Circles)
Pry LCD off (Green Ovals) is foam taped to the front cover

Step 5 - Look at the front housing

And clean the dirt...

Step 6 - Reassemble

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