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Dead or intermittent power problem on Canon ELPH series

If your camera won’t turn on, check the battery first.
On the Canon ELPH series even G series, if there is no problem on the battery, then check the little switch under the battery lid.
Here is a normal switch on a Canon SD750.
(click on pictures to enlarge)
If the switch is broken, you may get an intermittent power problem or a totally dead unit.
In the following case, the unit was totally dead. The tiny piece of the switch was missing.
 The best solution is to replace the switch with a new one. But if you can’t find one in a part store, here is the temporary solution (maybe permanent:-))
Jump a wire on the switch; make it always at “on” status.
CAUTION: By doing so, you won’t have the battery lid detect function. The camera can be turned on even the battery lid is open.


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