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Common Computer Mouse Problems

Computer mouse problems can cause due to many reasons. Some problems have nothing to do with the mouse itself. Read on..
In the modern era, the presence of computers has become absolutely indispensable in every sphere of life. It is so because of its ability to make work easier and faster.
To keep the computer always working accurately and with good speed, it is pertinent that your computer is always well cared for. Apart from the computer software which you subject to regular scans and virus checks, it is also crucial to keep the computer hardware in top-notch condition. If the computer hardware is not taken care of properly, it may create problems in the smooth operation of various computer programs thereby hampering your work. If neglected for a long time, the computer hardware may become completely dysfunctional.
A computer hardware that needs a lot of care is the computer mouse. As it is constantly in use while you are working on the computer, it is liable to develop some problems. Here are some of the common computer mouse problems, which you can fix all by yourself without any expert’s help.
The most common mouse problem of computers is “mouse not found” message at the start-up. This means the computer cannot detect the mouse. The reasons for this problem can be
1.Mouse is not plugged-in properly To resolve this switch-off the PC, Plug the mouse properly and restart the computer.
2.Pins of the mouse connector have damaged. This often occurs when you try to plug the mouse and force without properly matching positions of mouse connector pins with the holes in the computer. If the pins are not broken you can use a tiny screwdriver or similar equipment and carefully straighten affected pins. Shut down the PC and plug-in the mouse again carefully and restart.

Other Computer Mouse Problems

1.Improper mouse movement
This usually happens if the mouse has not been thoroughly cleaned, the optical portion is blocked (most commonly because of dust) or if the finger operating it is moist.
For this, it is always better to regularly clean and dust your computer mouse and its optical area. Always operate the computer mouse with dry hands. After all these precautions, if the problem still lurks, then it is better to get it replaced.
2.There are trails following the mouse cursor along with the movement of the mouse
This feature known as the “pointer trail” is a feature of Windows 95, 98, NT and XP. To disable the feature click start, then settings and then access the control panel. In the control panel, you need to double-click on the icon for mouse. When you reach the window for mouse properties, select “motion” tab. Once you have done so, you may uncheck /check the option of “show pointer trails”.

3.Increasing/decreasing the speed of double-click of the computer mouse
If your computer is brand new then your computer mouse tends to behave hyperactive and the speed of the double click is very fast, but if the speed of the double click is low, it can be very irksome and time-consuming. In these cases there is a need to decrease/increase the speed of the computer mouse.
The easiest way is to access the mouse properties icon and then click on the activities tab. In this tab you find the option for setting the speed of double-clicks of the mouse. Now you can adjust it according to your usable speed. Apply it after clicking on the Ok button.
4.Improper functioning of the computer mouse wheel

Malfunctioning of the wheel is another very common computer mouse problem. Similarly as explained above, access the tab of mouse properties and select wheel tab. in this tab you can adjust the wheel of the mouse according to your usage. For instance, you can adjust the numbers of pages or lines you want to scroll down your computer mouse. You can apply the changes by selecting OK. If still it does not work properly, avail the recent mouse-drivers or get it examined by the concerned manufacturers.
These were the most common problems concerning a computer mouse, which you can manage on your own very well. Mouse wheel and sensors are manufactured to last a year or two. If your mouse is very old and often malfunctioning then it is time to replace it.

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