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BlackBerry playbook disassembly Specification Test

BlackBerry playbook is a stylish tablet made by RIM (Research In Motion), the giant known for its smartphone business, Try to be little in the now coveted segment tablet. What it is and I know now all we talked about ourselves again. We will limit ourselves therefore to summarize the main features of the first to take a look inside, thanks to the boys of iFixit, who have successfully disassembled.

BlackBerry playbook Features

BlackBerry playbook is above all beautiful and elegant, as always targati RIM products. A slender diagonal 7 “total lack of physical buttons along the screen and frameless display, all packed into a product that weighs just over 400 grams, this is the personal interpretation of the Canadian tablet. The proprietary operating system QNX The dual-core processor Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 with an operating frequency of 1 GHz based on ARM Cortex A9 core, the chip video acceleration for 3D PowerVR SGX540, the presence of Bluetooth, WiFi, WiMAX, HSPA +, 4G and two HD webcam , one from the other 3 and 5 Mpixel, completes the impressive facilities, offered at a price which is around 499 € (for the version with 16 GB of SSD and WiFi module).

It was still conceivable that a product that would have enticed the community of “fanatics”, which could not have missed the chance to take it apart to look inside. In it were the first two sites, Chipworks, which is responsible for verifying the presence of any infringements of patents and indeed iFixit instead is simply an online community of repairs. The first focused on the presence of webcam STMicroelectronics, a touchscreen controller Cypress Semiconductor and Elpida RAM chip. The latter were identified instead primarily a greater ease of disassembly of the playbook than for example the Apple iPad 2.

blackberry playbook disassembly
As you can see from their pictures in fact the back cover is linked to the display using simple snap joints without the need for screws or adhesives. After removing the back you can see the built-in battery of 20 Wh, smaller model from Motorola Xoom of 24 Wh and 25 Wh Apple iPad 2, even though, according to some rumors, he would have a comparable length to it. The motherboard, easy to remove after removing the battery above and unscrewed a few screws, accommodates all major components, including Texas Instruments processor, RAM, 16 GB of NAND Flash products from SanDisk, the chip management Energy TWL6030 Texas Instruments, Texas Instruments WL1283 module for WLAN, Bluetooth and FM front-end and that TriQuint Semiconductor TQP6M9002 WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n Bluetooth.

Also interesting to note the presence of an audio codec such as the excellent WM8994E Wolfson, which should ensure high quality, especially when listening to music on headphones. Staying in audio is also seen as a housing for each speaker will actually contains two separate, so the BlackBerry playbook is well equipped with 4 speakers. Finally arriving at the 7-inch display with 1024 x 600 pixels has noted that it is separated from the glass panel, making it easier for repairs and that is enclosed in a durable magnesium alloy frame.

In short opening RIM BlackBerry playbook what is clear is that the feeling of high quality broadcast externally from the product already is a firm demonstration through its internal analysis, where nothing is left to chance from engineering and components.


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